Methodology for the comprehensive application of visualization techniques in data science as support for decision making

  • Cruz-Dorantes, Carlos Román De-la
  • Bautista-Thompson, Ernesto Francisco
  • Ruiz-Vanoye, Jorge A.
  • Aguilar-Solís, José Antonio
The advancement of technology favors the generation and increase of large volumes of information that exceed the cognitive and perceptual capacities of the people, creating the need to find new ways to represent this information under new schemes that summarize and present it in a more understandable and friendly way. The present research seeks to make an assessment of the attributes of certain visualization techniques in order to obtain a hierarchy of the efficiency of them and at the same time, it tries to identify problems in the visualization of the data offering to analysts and / or borrowers of decisions, a frame of reference that helps them in the selection of the visualization tool that best suits their needs.
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Strategic, Technology and Society
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