Problema de la Planificación de Proyectos de Innovación Tecnológica

  • Ruiz-Vanoye, Jorge A.
  • Díaz-Parra, Ocotlán
  • Fuentes-Penna, Alejandro
  • Zurita-Barrón, Mario A.
  • Bernabe-Loranca, Beatriz
  • Olaco-García, Edith
Technological Innovation Project is a project which is responsible for the creation and implementation of new technological ideas that provide a value to the customer or business. The projects of technological innovation try to fulfil the requirements and expectations of time, cost and quality of the processes that conjugate an opportunity of the market with a necessity and/or a technological invention that it has by objective the production, commercialization and operation of a new process, product, commercial activity, model of business, model of logistic or service to the client. In this article, original and unique in the world to date, is the computational solution inspired by the problem of the scheduling of the projects of technological innovation in order to make optimal use of the resources of time, money and human resources on companies that develop technological innovation projects and participate in the management of financial support from international sources of funding. We developed a new mathematical model for the scheduling of the projects of technological innovation project, and the characterization of generating random and real bodies on projects sent to the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology. Using the software called CPLEX to find the optimal cost of project scheduling of technological innovation projects. Generating computationally a calculation of savings of $5,991,100.50. It is expected in the near future to make agreements for use of the computed solution in future announcements of financial support that made the Council of science and technology. With the use of the computed solution be expected a considerable saving in various projects, which will allow to finance many other projects. Keywords: Project Scheduling Problem, Technological Innovation.
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Dyna Management
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