BIO-INNOVATION: Innovation through observation, analysis and understanding of the science of life

  • Ruiz-Vanoye, Jorge A.
  • Díaz-Parra, Ocotlán
  • Fuentes-Penna, Alejandro
  • Barrera-Cámara, Ricardo A.
  • Bernabe-Loranca, María B.
Nature has created, enhanced and diversified systems of human beings for many years. The man has made a constant search for new ways to improve their living conditions in order to reduce the effort associated with work activities. Innovation is the creation and implementation of new ideas that give a value to customers and companies. Innovation creates new products, introduce new production methods, opens new markets developing new sources of supply of raw material[1]. This book addresses the science themes of life and innovation presented by the concept of bio-innovation. Bio-innovation contains aspects related to the imitation of the aspects of the science of life and to improve the conditions of life of the human being, as well as propose solutions in various areas such as science and technology, innovation, computer science, medicine, transportation, the manufacturing process industry, automotive, petroleum, energy, communications, sports, cultural, social food, materials, bio-technology, bio-engineering, bio-informatics, bio-sciences, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, aviation, software development, construction industry, financial services, Administration, foundries, textile, among others.
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